How do I get my natural curls to stay down and how do I make it wavy without heat?

Without having to flat iron first or use. Anything not even a blow out...what products help tight curls from standing up and how do I grow out the curls in the back section of my hair, there's breakage and its like maybe 3 inches stretched but the rest is 9 to 8 inches so that's like a 5.5 inch difference! Help


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  • leave in conditioner + moisturizer + gel + grease = laid curls

    u may have to experiment a little but this technique seemed to work

  • French braid it

  • I have 3c hair type and gel and conditioner works for me. I'm currently using eco-styler gel. It's dirt cheap. It makes your a bit crunchy but I like the crunch because that makes me feel like it's going hold my hair well.

    If you want waves you can try braiding or twisting your hair and then taking it out hours later. Somehow doing that never looks good on me, so what I do instead is put my hair in a tight ponytail, twist the hair around in one direction (I can't explain when you're wringing something out but keep twisting until the entire length is tight), then wrap it around your ponytail until it looks like a cinnabun. Make sure your hair is wet when you do this or else it's just going to be frizzy when you take it out. Keep your hair in the bun for at least 8 hours. When you take it out it you should have soft waves. I don't know how this works on shorter hair but it definitely works well for armpit length to mid back length.

    • Ya I knw what you mean my friend that's Asian made her hair wavy by doing kind of twist it in a hair isn't long enough its barely shoulder length..but I'll try the gel thanks

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