How do you call those boots?

How do you call those knee high (or over the knee) boots, that aren't like stiff, but rather to be pulled up over your calves and kinda winkly? Anyone know which ones I mean? Is there a certain name for them?


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  • Like these? link

    I call them hooker boots. :)

    But in all seriousness, they're just called knee-high boots, as far as I know.

    • Those are adorable! If you wear them one way its like 'woaahhhh hooker'

      but if you wear them the right way it screams "CLASSSY LADDYY"

    • Agreed. :) I'd love to wear boots like that, except stiletto heels and I do not get along well.

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  • How do you call those boots? How 'bout, "Heeeere booty booty".

  • how do you call this a question

    How do you use the word winkly to explain weakened and tampered leather

    How do you do?

    How do you think they look good

    How are you still using the same profile pic (of not you) with the same name (of not you)

    How come you don't use multiple accounts to troll

    how come your questions are always ad hominem based but entail little

    How come your questions all seem to beabout disconcerning issues likeorgasms at the doctor (which I am under the impression to be impossible), masterbation, or fashion(why do you cqare so much about it)

    anywho if you want a more straight forward answer look up a chap by the name of Zimmel, he was a microsociologist who did reseach on the fashion industry, try and prod him about the erging of individuality with usefullness and associability that is to say [(I*U)>A] not [I*U>A] nor [I*(U>A)]

    • What is your problem?! I asked a simple question cause I couldn't find out myself, is that so bad?! If you don't wanna help me out, just don't answer! Stupid jerk.

    • You sir, are mean.

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  • You mean like these: link ?

    Most people call them suede crinkle boots.


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