If a guy can't pull girls does that mean he is physically unattractive?

This is really a 2-part question.

1) If a guy can't actually pull any girls (like in a club or something) then does that mean he is physically unattractive in any way?

2) How can a guy pull a guy in a club? Girls: When a guy pulls you in a club what does he do or what has he said to you to make you interested in him?


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What Girls Said 1

  • 1) Maybe. Personally, I don't go with anyone I don't find attractive. If you have confidence and some charm, and I find you okay to look at I might go there.

    2) Like above, you actually have to go up to a girl. Just introduce yourself and not act like all you want to do is get in our pants. I think if you actually have a nice conversation, maybe a little witty banter, then ask her to dance, you should be okay. You can tell if a girl is into it if she actually tries to keep the conversation going. If she doesn't I would just move onto the next.

    As for what to say, I think just introducing yourself and saying you noticed her from across the room is simple and would get a girl's attention. Then just ask her why she is out tonight and just see where the conversation flows. The hardest part is saying hi, I think if you get that far you're doing just fine.


What Guys Said 1

  • I would say the girls are not digging him physically. Or he doesn't come across well to them.


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