Is this a good exchange for a mascara?

I bought department store mascara a few weeks ago and it was expensive, really gorgeous but 25 bucks plus tax is a lot in hindsight. it is from sephora and I believe you can return open products with a receipt. If I return it and buy a good drugstore mascara with the return money, I will still walk away with about 15 bucks cash which will pay for the new heels I need on my work pumps and maybe a few days of coffee too.

Worthwhile exchange?


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  • Yeah I would say it was a good exchange I mean of course the namebrand mascara will work better but with a good hand you can still make it work just as well. Plus you'll be able to get every thing else you need, plus coffee! Haha any doodle yeah definently make the exchange if you can =)

    • Yeah the drugstore one is lashblast. I tried it on, my friend had, and it was actually quite good!

    • Yeah OK if you know it works well then it's definently a good exchange =)

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