How, in your own words, would you describe a guy that is "charming", girls?

I'm just curious as to how girls define a "charming guy". That is one of those words that you always hear used, but is rarely defined.

So please, describe what you view as a "charming guy", either by personal example, or simply what a guy does or doesn't do in his action that makes him, in your eyes, "charming".

Guys can answer as well.

Anonym is allowed.

Thanks, everyone. :)


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  • I know a guy who is a huge charmer. I find him a bit intoxicating. Like, you look at him and you say okay he's a normal looking guy, nothing out of the ordinary, then you talk to him and he's suddenly extremely attractive and you can't stop thinking about him. It's actually dangerous.

    He is very loud and outgoing, always has a smile on his face.

    He smiles and makes small talk with everyone.

    He stands close and seems like he's very interested in you.

    He touches you a bit, not in a creepy way, but a friendly way, without seeming invasive.

    He looks into your eyes

    He gives good compliments and makes you feel like the most special girl on earth when you're in his orbit of attention. He makes you feel beautiful, special, and loved.

    He has a good sense of humor.

    He just makes you smile and feel uplifted when you're around him. Something about him just makes you want to be with him more and more.

    He is very entertaining, "colorful" (not gay or feminine, but he's just a very interesting and exciting and vivacious type of person). He can talk to anyone well, he's a people person.

    Something about him is very animated.

    He acts like a gentleman and isn't crass, not the type who would belch or something like that.

    • i think this reminds me of someone..

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    • This should be BA. I know a few people like that.

    • Haha I don't know you, but I am describing this man I know, and it seems like women fall all over him. But I can't tell if this is genuinely his personality or if he's a bit of a player. It kind of sucks though, because he's one of those "you want him but probably can't have him" types, though he is a huge flirt and if flirting/sexual remarks are cheating, he would not be a faithful boyfriend, putting it subtly.

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  • someone that's easy to get along with. he's sociable, positive and easy to connect with

  • I think a guy who smiles, is funny and has manners is charming.

  • Well there is chivalry, like opening doors (including car doors), ladies first and such. Giving compliments and asking if I want anything when they're going to the kitchen. Little things. Bonuses if he gets me black roses on random occasions. He should also be a creative person.

  • charming. he always knows what to say, how to say it, when to say it. he can make anyone and their mother feel comfortable. he's witty, but knows how to temper that with as to not estrange the general population. essentially, he's a people-pleaser that doesn't come off as an overly obsequious sycophant.

  • My boyfriend: Someone who relates to me and understands my problems and I understand his. He makes things better with his humour and actions. We're on equal levels. I love him and he charms the pants off me.

  • charming is when someone has this presence that makes you feel very attracted to them. lol I'm writing this with a specific guy in mind. that presence makes you feel inexplicably drawn to them and lose yourself in the feelings of liking this person even though he is just being friendly or a little flirty. a perfect gentleman, caring and a relationship type of guy. someone who if you haven't talked in a year, just fell out of contact, and he starts chatting with you and you start to feel those attracted feelings towards him. also a guy who has a great way with words and can make a girl melt with a romantic gesture

  • Open doors for a lady




    Gives a lady flowers

    Is super romantic

    Is loved by all

    Always knows the right thing to say

  • ethan kath

  • i find a guy charming just by the things he does.. its like the things he does requires no effort on his part and its so attractive and he makes everyone like him and as a bonus he is usually good looking as well. These type of guys girls gotta watch out for... sometimes they do that really sexy smile... its a half smile and that just blows me away. I think its really hard nowadays to find a guy like this.. they existed a lot back in the 60s and 70s... they just seem to me to be real men and that's really attractive but nowadys all I see is guys hooking up with girls because they are hot... there's not a lot of real romance anymore.. its just a lot of people hooking up and settling. Getting back to charming I think some guys are just born with it.. its natural to them.. I think is pretty hard for a guy to be a charmer...

  • a guy that's charming is simply just cute, funny, nice, and will do anything for his girl


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