What do you hate your girlfriend wearing in public?

I've noticed that when a guy's girlfriend, there are some things he doesn't think is okay to wear out in public. I've even had guy friends make me go change! Okay, not make me, but they weren't exactly asking. It was telling if anything.

So anyway, what are some things that you don't think it's okay for your girlfriend to wear in public? For awhile I thought guys liked showing their girlfriends off, so I never thought about what I wore out until I was corrected in what was okay and what wasn't.

But I'm curious as to what most guys think is or isn't okay to wear.
  • Nothing too revealing! Don't want guys staring at my girlfriend!
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  • I love it when my girl wears low cut and tight, makes the other guys jealous!
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  • I don't care what she wears.
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  • My girlfriend isn't allowed in public!
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  • Too revealing/slutty looking is meh. Even if a girl isn't my girlfriend I don't really care for a girl wearing that stuff. It's her right if she wants, regardless, but it doesn't mean I won't lose some respect for them.


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What Guys Said 6

  • I don't like women who flaunt themselves in the first place, and in the second place, I wouldn't respect a woman whowould let a guy dictate what she wears, even if I agreed with him about the outfit in question!

    Different places expect different standards, church is one thing, a wine bar at night, well, might be more liberal!

    • Well if I really cared and didn't think what I was wearing was wrong, then I would stand my ground. If someone asks...or tells me to to change, I make them tell me why first. They usually have a valid point. But if I'm not convinced, or they won't tell me why, I just tell them to forget and walk out the door as I am. But when it comes to boyfriends, you have to remember that relationships are about compromise. And if your boyfriend isn't okay with you wearing a tight mini skirt then fine.

  • It's not the clothes that bother me, it's the drive for the behavior.

    If I'm dating a girl and she wants to go out dressed in super revealing clothing, she's saying to me that I'm not enough for her, and I better hope she doesn't forget about me, get too drunk, or go out after having a fight with me because if so then she'll have a very easy time cheating on me.

  • I hate that she wears clothes.

    Suckers can look all they want, she's mine.

  • She can wear what she wants... it can be revealing making other guys jealous as long as she still tells them paws off.

  • Honestly whatever she wants but hey I like it when she puts on that look to kill hehe ^^

  • I'd want her to wear whatever makes her feel comfortable. That matters most to me.


What Girls Said 2

  • mainly I just wanna see what the anwsers are, but my boyfriend gets annoyed when I wear certain things out. really it depends on if a lot of guys stare at me then he gets pissed and doesn't like taking me places. BUT he likes it when his friends drool over me .

  • Mah girlfrand ain't allowed in public!


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