What should I wear to school?

what should I wear to school .. like a really cute outfit, cause the guy I like told me he thought I was cute. and I want it to mean something more like if he likes me I really want to look cute.. give me some clothes outfit ideas


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  • a cute skirt and shirt with some tights and flats or boots. or if you're more of a jeans kind of girl some skinny jeans and a cute top and do your hair cute with a headband or clip. :) good luck! and don't just do it for the guy do it for yourself and itll make it so much better! oh and remember to be confident no matter what you wear!

    • If he already thinks she's cute, why should she try anything else? If we like you, we like you how you appear, not for what we think you should be, right?

    • She asked for an idea for a cute outfit so that's what I gave her. Also if you didn't notice I told her to wear it for herself not the guy. What's so bad about wanting to wear cute clothes?

    • thanks for best answer amd I hope things worked out great!

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  • Wear what you were wearing when he told you, you were cute.

    • i can't I was wearing a dress I can't wear an outfit he just saw.. he will think I'm dirty

    • wear a differently designed dress.

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