Chicas, what's it like to wear a short skirt?

Us guys don't really wear skirts that often so help us out here! That favorite miniskirt of yours - what is it like to wear? Do you get cold? Is it nice to feel the breeze! Are you constantly having to think about how you bend, crouch, kneel or get out of a car? Does it matter to you if there's a gust of wind and somebody gets a peek at your panties? Are you conscious of guys checking out your legs? Are your minis just for pairing with stockings or do you wear them with bare legs?

Thanks ;o)


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  • LOL. Funniest question this week, Anonymous.

    * If you want to know, the easiest way to the truth is to wear a kilt and find out...

    * The favorite mini skirt is nice -- snug, flexible and flattering.

    * I'd get cold if I was silly and wore one in December... It's not flattering to wear minis in the cold weather because then you have goosebumps, which doesn't look so hot, lol.

    * I think that when you're young and it's the first time you're playing around with identifying your style you try to work through things like sitting, walking around, etc. After a while you just get used to it and know what to do without too much thought. I think the one time I was self-conscious was when I hadn't realized the skirt had shrank a little in the wash -- quite the sight when I went to sit down. I got a lot of extra grins that day (because of the lacy burgundy slip peeping out from the bottom of the skirt when I sat down) and one really blushing co-worker who's been stopping my by office regularly since then. It's in a pile for the Salvation Army -- playing with fire I'm likely to get burned, you know?

    * Um. You don't typically kneel or crouch in a mini -- you bend at the hip. ;-) If you DO bend at the knee, you keep your knees together, like Bambi on ice, LOL.

    * Gusts of wind don't apply to mini skirts. Longer skirts or dresses, though...

    * Guys will check a girl out no matter what she's wearing, so the mini doesn't really make that much of a difference as long as she looks good/attractive in whatever she happens to be wearing.

    * In warm weather it's nice to go bare-legged, especially if you have nice long legs and take good care of your skin, etc. In cold weather it's important to wear the thicker stockings to protect your skin.

    I think you got an answer to everything you asked, lol. If not, just ask.

    • Glad you enjoyed the question, thanks for the great reply - very insightful! I get what you say about wind not being a problem - I can see how that would be the case for most minis, but how about designs like link link link ?

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    • Thanks, lol.

      The 1st one's a dress, so you're really supposed to wear a slip or something. Plus it's for warm weather (because it's sleeveless) so that's that.

      With the 2nd one, theoretically the denim would stay put -- maybe sway a little when the girl walks -- unless there's something extreme like a hurricane, in which case she should've been wearing jeans. I don't like that style, so I don't know first hand. It's also a summer skirt, so no gusty winds are anticipated by the designer. =>

    • The third one is not something a woman would wear. It's something a little girl in middle school would put on (if her parents were not watching her wardrobe properly). You see, there are band aids, there are handkerchiefs, and then there are skirts... I think this one is somewhere between the first two categories... I've seen teenagers wear them with black leggings and a fitted shirt, which can look alright, but not something a grown woman should wear -- outdoors anyhow, lol. ;-)

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  • I love being a girl, so I get to wear such sexy things as skirts and dresses.Sorry guys, but your wardrobes are sooooooo boring,ha,ha! yes, wearing a skirt is sexy, and a lot of fun.Dresses too. I guess that I'm what you'd refer to as a "girly' girl, since do wear skirts and dresses almost exclusively, and feel like I "live" in heels. I know it's not for every gal, but it's what I feel most comfortable and confident wearing. Yes, when a breeze blows, it does feel kind of nice, and yes, I do know that guys are checking me out, which is half the fun.(girls too!) I do have to confess that I have a certain affinity for really fine hosiery, both pantyhose and nylon stockings, so if it works with the outfit, I'll slip on a pair of really sexy hose,too.

  • I think they look good, but I get cold so I don't wear 'em. I don't wanna feel the breeze between my knees

  • I don't own a single dress or skirt so I can't help you there lol

  • LOL why don't you try it out for yourself :P

  • I don't see how some girls do it. I find it very uncomfortable. It's cold and I don't like how it feels having air between my legs. Maybe I should try wearing the with tights or something and see if that makes any difference.

    When I'm wearing a skirt I don't really really think about it, I just automatically not bend or kneel or whatever. I've haven't worn a skirt that would blow up in the wind since I was a kid. No one is going to get a peek at my panties unless they really try to look (meaning up skirt). I doubt guys would be checking out my legs. I have cankles.


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