What do you like in guys?

i have no idea


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  • Generally personality is the key.

    To be attracted to someone I don't really know, for me at least, is based mainly on their style - and what it can tell me about the kind of person they are.

    I know a lot of this means I'm using stereotypes - but when I first see someone there's not a lot else to go buy. This can however be a good thing - as long as your comfortable in what you're wearing - try to show your interest through your dress sense.

    However, generally speaking - girls like guys who know how to take care of themselves. Not overly so - but nice hair; whatever style you're going for. And a good general finish to their appearance. We want to get the impression you care - but try too hard and most girls are turned off by the thought of a guy spending longer in front of the mirror than they do.

    If however I've known a person longer - more things are taken into consideration. How well we can talk; if we share some interests; if they have a good sense of humour ... etc. I know few girls who actually care much for a guys appearance once they get to know them - but it's what first attracts us to get to know them further.

  • I think hair is the biggest thing for me.

    I like the surfer/skater shag. It's so hot. Or anything that's long is just hot to me. Not TOO long though. Personality too. If I don't have the same interests as you, why would I even think of going out with you? We would never last or get along because we would always be disagreeing.


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