When putting on makeup in a sun-lit room, should you be facing it?

i have a little hand mirror and whenever I put on makeup now, the blinds are open so that the light comes in and I'm there facing it with my little mirror. or should my back be to it?

does it really make a difference? lol


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  • You should be facing the sunlight so that it illuminates your face. This will give you the most accurate representation of your features and skin. Having your back to the sunlight will cast your face in shadow and make it look darker.


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  • face the sunlight. Natural lighting will be much better. If you keep your back to the light, you'll be cast in shadows - not very helpful.


  • Have some light on your face but not really bright to the point that you have to squint, when the sun is THAT bright your makeup also is hard to see, let alone hard to put on.


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