How do you deal with face hair and peach fuzz?

i noticed in recent years my peach fuzz has grown and I feel quite self conscious about it and its noticeable when I look in the mirror, I can't afford laser removal right now and don't wanna wax/shave because itll grow thicker/darker. how do you deal with it?


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  • "Grow in thicker/darker" is a myth. The reasons why hair seems to grow in thicker when you shave is because you cut off the thinner end of the hair, and the stem keeps growing out with a flat head.

    Waxing doesn't make it thicker either, you pull out the entire hair, so a new hair grows back. You should just wax it if it's that bad. Buy some of your own and do it.

    • ty! yea I think waxing is the best option or threading

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  • Waxing will not make it darker or thicker . In fact it makes them thinner. But you have another option called threading. It comes from Mideast and India. A simple method using a long thread to remove unwanted facial hair. Google it and see if there is place near u. It is fairly inexpensive .

    • thank you I will check I don't know who downvoted you I gave you +1

    • Welcome. And thank you. :) if threading wasn't and option go with waxing. I know it doesn't make your hair thicker. I used it on my body and know many who use it on their face.

  • I have had similar problems and my mom didn't want to let me go for laser removal so she got me some Facial Hair bleach. Used it once a week for about 4 weeks and I never had to worry about it ever again. I have light brown hair, but if you have darker hair you may have to use it for a longer period of time. In my opinion it's a great substitute for laser removal. Much less invasive and expensive.

  • do NOT shave it!


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