How can I find out if I'm attractive or not?

How can I feel that I'm attractive. I am 6'2, 215 lbs, play football in college, have a 3.8 gpa. I just don't feel like I am attractive to other women, and I don't know what to do to feel more confident.


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  • Attractive to "other" women? Implying you are a woman yourself lol?

    Had to have a go at you.

    Well.. ask your girl girl friends if you are attractive or not. Sounds like you have the physique, but are you a grunt/brute? 3.8GPA might be good, but are you a brute to talk to? Or are you fun? Or a moron in person? I mean you mention American football and I immediately think "grunt" because I played rugby (injured now) and we don't wear the gay armour =) (again I'm having a go at you).

    But onto your query.

    Basically...You can ask your girl friend friends. And you can observe women that you do date or go out with. I guess it's like sport (no pun intended).

    And the trick to find all this out is to go out with girls/women, and observe them. Whether they ACTUALLY are cool with going out with you and spending time with you, whether they do agree to go out on a date with you or not.. That usually answers the superficial questions.

    THen the more contact you have with them you can observe them further, like whether you are attractive beyond the initial date-layer. Are you funny? Do you amuse them? Do you make them laugh? Stuff like that. Are the willing to see you again in future?

    And the more experiences you have the more you can find out whether you are attractive or not. And then you can use those experiences in your head to feel good about yourself and feel confident.

    Im like you sorta. No where near that tall, 510-511 max but same weight when I was in the army. But I used to feel unattractive especially because I moved around a lot, and I did not feel attractive to local-women abroad in Asia or Africa (ironic considering I'm white).

    Anyway, the more women I went out with, I began to feel better about myself. I used to treat my experiences abroad as like being in a monastary before going back to australia where I could go out with real women who did like me. Anyway that WAS me.

    But eventually I moved beyond not feeling attractive in general to (1) feeling attractive only to certain women (Americans/australians/brits)... since I was in asia I only went out with white girls. The longer I spent in different countries I went out with other girls. And I found I became attractive to some and not to others.

    Example: almost ALL girls I ask out agree to go out with me, so that shows I am not completely repulsive eh?

    Some girls don't like me because our humour is different, and I think they are morons or shallow and they probably think the same about me. You can let them become a hang-up about yourself, or you can think on it differently. Learn to p

    Now the more girls I date, I realize some like my humour, others just like my face or my arse (when I was fitter lol), so the more experiences you have, the more you will feel good about yourself when you recall those experiences.

    SO get out there and "get some" as you yanks say. That's the best advice I can give.

    If you have "fear of rejection" just try and conquer it, it gets easier/better


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  • Your picture doesn't even show your face hun.

    Just fake it till you make it.

    Don't be cocky though. Just walk up with a smile on your face. Bring up something about what she's wearing and compliment it. Simple enough. You need to show girls you have potential. Potential is attractive because girls tend to be nuturers and like to teach guys things. You have to be open to learning though.

    • I think only young girls like to teach guys things. Women tend to just move onto find someone WHO can teach them instead.

    • Older like in thier 30's. Once you're in a comfy relationship with a 20-something, they teach because no one is perfect. They aren't even doing it on purpose.

    • Yeah so older women in their 30s prefer to move onto men after men who can teach them something instead of it going the other way round.

  • Could it be that with your physic is a bit intimidating? Just a hunch. If so try to soften your demeanor a little more. Otherwise the rest is subjective from one woman to another.

  • What do you think you look in the mirror


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