Do teen guys only date short girls?

LIke honestly, my crush only saw me as a friend, but the next year he dated a girl under 5 ft ish
15 both
he's taller than


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  • How old is he, how old are you?

    • Whether guys date girls who are taller then them is a whole other issue.

      Your 'problem' at 15 is that you've probably hit your full height, and guys who WILL be tall are nowhere close to their max height yet, they won't be for a couple more years.

      I think I was around ... 5'9 at 15. By 15 I was 6'3.

      Its an awkward wait, but the tall guys will appear ;)

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  • If he's taller than you it doesn't matter. However, it seems like you are just looking for reasons why he would want her over you. He probably saw you as a friend because of just that, you have friend like qualities and is not attracted to you. You can't force attraction. He's probably dating the short girl because he is attracted to her, not strictly on her height.

  • yes because right now they are shorter and it's just some kind of weird biological imperative that guys wanna date girls much shorter than they are (most of the time) but once he's taller you'll be shorter so it'll all be good but you'll have to be patient and wait for the boys to catch up to you in growth because a lot of them are hitting their growth spurts in HS not MS like you and your girlfriends did


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