Am I just that ugly?

It has come to my attention that I am basically the only single girl in my school.You see I have been single for a VERY long time. I have come to the conclusion it is because I'm ugly, I mean I'm a very nice person and funny to be around so I believe the only answer is my Ugliness Factor

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  • You can't ask if you're ugly and not have a picture for people to look at. There are many reasons for people being single. I'm decent looking, intelligent, funny, nice, successful, etc and the reason why I don't have a girlfriend is because I'm not overly trying. Such may be the case with yourself. This question cannot be readily answered without sufficient information.

    • im not overly trying either

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    • i try

      i flirt a little

      but I remain single

    • Finding a significant other is based on a lot of things. Some include:

      - Personality

      - Appearance

      - Compatibility

      - Body language

      - Effort

      - Intelligence

      - Etc, etc.

      You have to isolate the reason(s) that you believe are causing you to remain single and then change them accordingly. I don't suggest changing anything you don't want / feel the need to change, of course but if you know why you're single, you can change it.

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  • We need to see a pic at least...but it might be your say your fun to be around and stuff but do other people think that...maybe you are looking too hard someone will come along when your least expecting it...and I think that your not the only one single at your school maybe the only one in your circle of friends

  • Show us a picture!

    My Ugliness Factor is greater than yours. So relax. You're most likely a real darling.

    A darling whose time hasn't come yet. Under 18. There's time. It may not look like it but there's time.

  • It could be that you are less confident. Maybe your friends have the confidence to flirt where you do not. It could be that you are too nice and too funny that guys want you as a friend without the complicatioins that relationships bring. It could be that you are too pretty that guys think you would not look at them in a million years.

    I very much doubt that you are too ugly. Everyone has different tastes and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. My friends and I can never 100% agree on a beautiful girl. A girl I think is beatiful and flawless a friend will find fault with and vice versa.

    Oh and I have NEVER seen anyone I would consider 'ugly'. There are people who are less attractive than others but even the least attractive people have something strikingly beautiful about them.

    Hope this helps you to find Mr Right!

  • ohh dear...dont think that way... ugly is just a word... by your talks I can tell you than you must be a very very good person...


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  • Don't think of yourself as that! There's nothing wrong with u! Sometimes you can be unlucky, or not ready, not aware...just continue what you are doing and one day love will find u...the important thing is to not give up!

  • Lol honey, you're in high school! Not everyone dates during high school and just because you don't, doesn't mean you're ugly.

    While your building your confidence up and discovering who you are, guys are doing the same. So it can take a while before they start dating.

    When you leave high school there will be plenty of guys at university that will ask you out. Take this time to grow as a person and figure out who you are. This will create self-confidence and guys love that in a girl. Focus on your studies and growing up.

    You're not ugly, there is definitely someone out there who will think your beautiful.


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