How do I ask him without being rude?

This is a serious question. I LOVE my boyfriend, the only thing is that he doesn't shave down there. I want to ask him to shave it but I don't want to be rude or start a stupid fight. So how do I do this without sounding like a b*tch?

I understand this whole thing sounds b*tchy and I shouldn't care but I do. So, if your gonna bash on me don't answer!


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  • You're just asking him, I see no problem with that. Not like you're saying 'Ewww that's gross you better do that or I'm gone!"

    Go ahead and tell him just like any other normal question/suggestion.

  • Well, shaved is one thing but do you feel that if he trimmed it that it would be better?

    You could watch a p*rno together and ask him "I wonder what your penis would look like if you were shaved".


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