Is it wrong to get by based on your looks?

I recently got an awesome new job and it made me realize how I've never really had to try to get employed. I had the interview yesterday, a group one and the three men there focused on me entirely and really did ignore everyone else there. They asked me the most questions and after one of them put his number on a white board and said if anyone wanted his number to discuss anything it was there, while looking me straight in the eyes. I guess I shouldn't complain but it has made me realize I've never really had to try at most things which can't be healthy in the long run. I know I wasn't employed for my other qualities which kinda makes me a bit depressed.


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  • what job was it?

    and I have realized this happens a lot (depending on the industry)

    I try to treat all girls (regardless of how they look) the same.

    I mean yes, I have treated pretty girls differently in the past but I am changing!

    I don't like how people give priority to pretty girls because average girls are just as great as beautiful girls.

    I don't like how (regardless of who I am with [guys or girls]) they always treat pretty girls differently. Guys go out of their way to please them while girls treat them like dirt. WTF?

    Everyone has the right to be treated the same unless they have proved otherwise.

    It's ironic how someone will say they hate how a girl gets treated better since she's pretty but when they are treated better then everyone else. It's okay.

    I like to treat all girls the same because it shows that everyone finds beauty in different ways. And if I treat all the girls the same then doesn't that mean I find all girls pretty? Yes :)

    I think every girl should be given that feeling that a guy is going out of his way to do something nice for her.

    I do this because I like to see fairness among everyone

    Thus, I must be the change I wish to see in the world.

    Lately I have realized that I find almost all girls pretty so I guess I will treat them better =P

    • Representing a top notch brand and selling it really. The pay is brilliant. I always treat people with respect no matter what they look like, I don't believe I truly favour others based on looks. I just feel that I've never really had to develop a strong personality or work hard for anything and it sucks because one day I won't be pretty anymore. Thanks for your answer :)

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    • Thanks for best answer!

    • And this trait just came to me but thing I love is when I call a girl pretty and she doesn't get flustered or insecure. She knows she is pretty and doesn't need anyone's approval and yet doesn't get too cocky.

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  • If the job is sales, looks ARE part of the job.

    There's no point being sad about it, its like me saying I wouldn't have gotten hired unless I was smart.

    • Off topic slightly, but it's the same with my relationships. I suppose the two are comparable. This sounds rather self absorbed but how can I get people to respect and like me for my other qualities?

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    • good qualities is just ... a way to drive yourself nuts.

      I'm sure you're attractive. Guess what, there ARE other attractive girls out there they could have hired. They hired you because you blended it with other qualities they wanted.

      Anyway, enjoy what you've got, use your strengths, don't be ashamed of them, but don't let yourself be defined - in your own head - only by them.

    • Thank you. I think I'd rather be more intelligent and win the job on that alone. I do get what you're saying though and I appreciate your advice. I'll try to focus on expressing my other qualities.

  • If your selling/representing its gonna happen


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  • I feel the same way as you, men like me because I'm young and attractive, especially at work where most are at least 20 years my senior, they all treat me like their little Barbie and tell me how beautiful I am and give me eyes, etc. But I know one day I will be the middle-aged woman who is a "has been" while the guys my age are ogling young women. It's depressing.

    • Oh it really is. All the relationships I've had have made me feel like a hand bag and men have called me perfect. I'm really not. It is sad thinking that sometimes that is all I have to offer. Maybe that's why I'm so scared of getting old. Anyway thank you for your answer :)

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    • fear not*

    • We have that in common. Oh I wish you weren't anon I would like to talk to you. Even though I'm anon myself haha.

  • I feel like you're a guy pretending to be a girl...


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