Your biggest turn-off?

For guys but girls can say theirs too. I mean a turn off in appearance. Please be honest and don't try to be all nice so that you don't offend people. And girls, leave if you are gonna get offended.

Is it being fat, skinny, tall, short, acne, pale, hooked nose, long nose, piggy nose, wide nose, a big freckle or wart, etc? Just write whatever yours is, but so that it is the turn off that relates to appearance even if it isn't your biggest turn off overall.

Just curious. Seriously though, please be completely honest!

Mine would be when guys have a hooked nose or are excessively fat or skinny.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Let's see... when a girl makes no effort to look good, and she doesn't. I mean, some girls are naturally great, so even when they're just so-so, they look pretty. But I'm pretty positive that effort can move pretty much any guy or girl up the looks scale by 3 or so. Like, I made a simple change--neater haircut, and a short beard, and I look waayy better. Seriously, I felt like a fat kid who just lost 50 pounds, the way people were acting.


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What Guys Said 4

  • For me its when fat chicks hike super tight pants up to their arm pits like that magically takes away their gut or something.

    Bad teeth is another one. But obesity with unflattering clothes is the biggest offender to me.

  • Bad teeth. Not just yellow or ones that look like you haven't been in for a cleaning in years but really crocked.

    • You know, it is pretty amazing how much a little kit from the corner drugstore can do about yellow teeth. Of course, crazy savage teeth are pretty gross...

    • I am aware.

      How can a person not care about their teeth?

      Sure it's expensive if you don't have insurance. Go at least once a year.

  • your trippin off of people being honest and such but your anonymous...-.-

  • - really fat

    - slutty(that means a lot of guys that she doesn't care about)

    - a lot older or younger

    - gossipy/bitchy

    - religious

    - have a lot or serious conflicting views

    • - hairy

      as well

What Girls Said 2

  • Obesity, bad teeth/breath, and a lot of acne.

  • -Bad teeth/bad breath.

    -Extremely overweight


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