Is it bad to have plastic surgery?

many people say that they bloody hate it. but in many cases its invisible for us and hard to tell if the person had something done. I don't like people who changed they whole body, but I think that in many case it can make people look better. when I will have wrinkles I will try it too. what about You?


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  • I have absolutely no problem with it. If it's done in a tasteful manner, I don't see what the problem is. If you want plastic surgery to make yourself feel more confident about whatever it may be, then by all means. When I get much older, I would definitely consider getting a breast lift cause who honestly wants saggy t*ts. Not me.


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  • Plastic surgery is drastically beneficial to those who've survived an operation or accident that disfigured their appearance. It's not only for someone's vanity and insecurity over little imperfections.

    • thats true, but when you are getting old and your body drastically change its shape, there's no other way

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  • I don't think I'd get it willingly since it costs so much and to top it off it's painful. But then again if I were offered a procedure for free I'd jump on it like a mouse on a pile of cheese.

  • It s only bad when you change So much that you look another person or a doll...

    I did a noose job and nobody can tell, only If I decide to say and OMG I look 10.000 prettier So yeah I am happy with it...

    I think If something really bugs you And you have money to change it, just do it...

    I look So many people that would look So much better with a noose job...

    So suregery isn't bad, its risk but not bad, and I hate when people say : just love what you have, all celebraties have done some surgery in ordeer to look good

    • yes, but many celebrities are absolutely changed. I think that you can have as many surgeries as you still look like you.

    • You are right, but some you don't even notice... I think the lips are a trick area that could look awful

    • like duckface. but not after one injection. if a girl is obsessed there's no other way

  • It is not *bad*.

    I think you should do what makes you happy as long as you are aware of the consequences and the possible outcomes.


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