Is my boyfriend going to be mad if I have a decent body, but not as good as it could be?

My boyfriend has a pretty good body (not totally cut, but above average). I am close to the same, but not quite. Right now, I'm 5'6 / 130, which is 10 lbs heavier than I usually am (but he never met me when I was that thin). Is he going to start resenting that I don't work as hard on my body as he does? Do I need to follow his diet and exercise plan to be as perfect as possible so he doesn't get mad that I'm not as great as he is?

I work 5-10 more hours than he does and also have 1.5 hrs of commute time a day, so my schedule is much busier. I'm not just being lazy and taking advantage of him having a great body and mine only being OK.


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  • I'd like to have a 6 pack (I don't) but would prefer women to have a little bit of fat through the butt and thighs. So his expectations for you and for him may be different.


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  • if he gets mad then he isn't right for you. just find someone who appreciates you for who you are not what you look like.

    • That's kinda PC crap, though. Men and women bond through sexual activity as much as anything else. Sexual satisfaction is partially visual. I'm cool with that ... but I'm curious to what degree I need to match his efforts.

    • well you can take my advice or leave it but I still say you shouldn't change for him, he should love you just the way you are, I know I wouldn't ask anyone (if I ever find love) to change their weight or look for me.

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  • I am 5'6 125-130 lbds also, and a lot of people treat me like I am real thin! I hate it because I do have some meat on my bones, haha! You are slim though. If you aren't satisfied with your body then work on it for yourself before any one else.

    If he really loves you...he won't mind you being 10 lbs heavier than you usually are, It's not like you are fat.

    • He works out much more than I do and hardly ever eats carbs. I feel like I need to match his standard, I guess it what I'm saying.

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    • Because I'm realistic. Loving "you for you" doesn't mean they don't want you to be the best you have to offer.

    • Yeah, but I personally would never work out just to look good on my partner's arm, I'd do it for myself.

  • Yes, he will ABSOLUTELY rage at you if you do not have the perfect body.

    • Your sarcasm is awesome. That's why I added you to my list. :)

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