Wear this on your first date with him?

Ladies I'm just curios so I know what not to wear when I do put myself out there dating again and yes I'm being prepare for any situations so just bear with me OK thanks and please honest with me. If a guy you are dating wears only a tank top as a shirt since some men wears a tank top as a shirt or a undershirt. Since it don't matter to him whatever he prefers to use it for if a guy shows up on his first date with you only wears a pair of jeans,a tank top if he is super skinny, and a jean jacket/leather jacket and sunglasses(optional) is this a turn on or is this a turn off if a guy/a super skinny guy wears this. And what your reaction will be if he does wear a pair of jeans,a tank top if he is super skinny, and a jean jacket/leather jacket and sunglasses(option) or at least tell me how you feel if he does wears those following clothes on your first date with him thanks for your opinions and thanks for your honesty
also if you are a christian you always welcome to answer this question as well I say this because I refuse to date a nonbeliever or a non christian any ladies are always welcome to answer this question thanks


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  • if you show up in a tank top, date over

    • OK I understand if he wears a tank top as a undershirt is that date still over

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  • Super skinny jeans? hell no.

    Just a tank top? Better have the body of a god or no, put a shirt on. that is just not really appropriate especially if it is early in the relationship

    Leather jacket is good.

    • I admit I'm super skinny guy and I know I'm unattractive and since some women love bad boys who gives her challenge they don't want some who is too easy they don't want nice guy/good guy aka someone who is too nice that's why I ask if he is a supper skinny guy like me

  • WTF is the point of a tank top as an undershirt? You'll still get pit stains... Honestly, I'd try to be nice but that combo just doesn't do it for me, tank top -1, leather jacket -1, jeans can be okay, or look like crap depending on what you own. So, yeah it wouldn't be ideal. I also don't date rally religious guys so I might not be the demographic you're looking for.

  • I'd be too polite to slam a door in your face, but that's what I'd be thinking.

    I'd be too embarrassed to show that I'm on a date with you, so I'll try to minimize contact (if at all), and the date will be no longer than 2 hours. You can count on my monosyllabic responses.

    Wear a nice collared shirt, slacks and nice shoes. Minimize jewellery, and be conservative. You want to go through the efforts to impress your date.

    • i ask because some women love bad boys the one who give her a challenge not someone who is too easy too nice

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