Guys; what kind of clothing do you find attractive on a girl? Girls; how do you put outfits together?

i have a lot of clothes but I'm not sure how to put them together. I'm around 5'4, between B and a C bra size and a 1 in pants. I find it hard to find pants because my butt is not proportional to my bra-size so finding pants that fit are hard. I'm wondering how to put together outfits that make my body look sexy, without being too trashy.


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  • ... Jeans & a tshirt ;D

    but really, I do know how you feel, I'm 5'3,110 lbs ... with E's. So anything remotely 'sexy' looks trashy on me. unfortunately the only way to get a decent fit is spending hours in a change room. Not exactly my fav place. Sexy can be as easy as cowboy boots, a long sleeve black sweater, and dark jeans. Don't over think it, keep with neutrals, if your showing a bit of cleavage - cover up the leg (and vise versa). Keep the make up &hair natural ... and you won't end up looking like trash :)

  • I live in salt lake city so there are lots of girls who dress great, I love fashion and the best way to find what's hot is to look at what most of them are wearing and find out what story's they get it from. Most girls stop there and just start going to that store, well I hate that makes them look like a sheep! So what I will do is look on the stores website and look at what I like and later go try it on but I will always go to not so popular stores too because it helps me not be a sheep but good stores are forever21 vans buckle pacsun but real popular looks are the girlie skater look hope that helps


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