How many people on here think hot girls are flawed in some way?

I hear it so much on here. People call them either superficial bitches or unintelligent or crazy. You get the idea. Sure I have met some like that but they are the exception not the rule. At least where I live.
Of course no one is perfect but I keep hearing people on here say they have major flaws not normal ones like everybody has.


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  • When I think of a girl that is "hot," she is sexual material that wears skimpy clothing and goes out to the clubs all of the time. To me, that's a flaw already regardless of her intelligence or bitchiness level. If we're talking about beautiful girls that make your jaw hit the flaw when they walk by and you want to date them, some are intelligent. Some aren't crazy. Some are nice. It depends. I'd say there is probably a similar percentage between them and everyone else, but I don't think it's a complete rarity like you're saying, though. With that said, I can understand the arguments of someone that disagrees with the things you've said.

    • I understand what you are saying but for me hot means highly attractive not necessarily desperate for male attention. (skimpy clothes, etc) Some of those girls who dress like that don't fit my ideal of highly attractive since their tiny clothing and attitude take the attention away from a face that may not be as attrative. Not putting them down just sometimes it's true. There is way more to ones worth than how attractive they are.

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    • For the record I wasn't disagreeing with your definition. I was just saying we have diferent definitions that's all. lol

    • Yeah, that's what I meant. It's like an "agree to disagree" kind of thing.

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  • Pure.F***ing.Jealousy

    I've answered this and I will answer it again!

    There is NO correlation between: looks(natural or enhanced) and personality(real or fake)

    It would be perfect if people would start working on themselves to improve instead of sinking into self-destructive jealousy!

    The thing is those girls are not guilty of anything to receive such treatment, and haters hurt themselves more than the hated!

    But I rather prefer example from Top Gear - "it's like taking a sh*t to your hand and then to throw it at someone else"


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  • They're just jealous. THey're not as pretty as the hot girls, so they make up some flaws to make themselves feel better

    • I agree but I have noticed it's guys too.

    • cause they can't get with the hot girls

  • I think it might be because everyone has flaws, so to say "hot girls" have flaws makes them less intimidating.

    In regards to your update: If she knows those "descriptions" of her aren't true, she shouldn't care.

    • Totally agree. It just got me wondering as to how many people feel this way.

    • Well, I think it's mostly people who feels intimidated by people they find extremely attractive tend to feel this way.

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