Guys is it a turnoff for a girl to wear baggy tshirts?

I wear mostly baggy band ts, not like super baggy but not form fitting because I need to lose about 10lbs.

Baggy ts and jeans a turn off?


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  • It depends on your body type. If you are fit, then you definitely want a more form fitting shirt. If you are overweight I think it is a little trickier. You don't want to stretch a shirt over a gut or love handles, that is definitely unattractive. Just tight enough to comfortably fit you with out stretching or straining the fabric. Clothes that are baggy or billowy are unflattering, they will just make you look bigger.

    • Well I'm not fat but I do have a little extra in my tummy and arms, I still look okish in a form fitting shirt but I feel a bit uncomfortable.. mostly if the shirt shows off my upper arms, thars my main complaint lol.

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  • No. You come across as really cool, tomboyish, and you're that much more approachable to me.

  • Not necessarily, but depends on how baggy it is, I guess, though we'd prefer it be tight :)


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