Would you still date a person you aren't physically attracted to?

Say your boyfriend or girlfriend gained a lot of weight. Would you still be with them or dismiss them?


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  • If I was already with them, I would never leave them over them gaining some weight. I would urge them to try living a healthier lifestyle.

    If I didn't know them, I don't think I could date someone physically unattractive to me. It's just unfair for both parties.

    • Thats actually the most ideal way to solve an issue like such. I feel that couples who work as teams should both live a healthy lifetsyle in order for one or the other to be motivated,

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  • When I like someone the physical attraction usually comes later.

  • Depends how long I've been together with her.

    If long enough I'd help her to get back in shape.

    If not long enough I'd dump her.

    • How long is long enough for you?

    • I don't know, I should rather say how close we are to each other, if closer my support is greater, if more distant then also more I let her to handle her own problems.

      If we are in a serious relationship I'm more likely to help but if just dating then it's the other scenario!

      It's not really a black and white line when I support and when I leave but I hope you got the idea!

    • Ok I get you. Makes sense...

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  • We all get older, fatter, and uglier to some extent so God help us all if we're too picky like that.