Why do girls have so many different types of clothes?

Why do girls have so many different types of clothes and guys have only limited ones ?

Why do women get more attention than men ? ( in general )

Why are women offered more money for work ?

Why is this world so partial favoring women ?


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  • Look at history. Who has defined each gender? Who created the institutions, the stores, the media? Who has had the strongest influence in all of the above?

    Men have. It's a fact, its history. It was not until recently that women really did anything. If anyone is to blame its the men before you. If you don't like it, change it. We had our revolution and you're free to have yours.

    And please, spare me the pity parade of whose had life harder. Too much drama in one thread already :P


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  • Because of reasons :D

  • You're completely delusional.

  • Because many females enjoy looking good and changing thigs up every now and again :)

  • Obviously, because we have a va jay jay.

  • First of all- NEVER ask that question! Do you have a girlfriend or do you not. Do you want one? Well if you want one, your not gonna get one by asking that question! I mean, I just got p-off reding this question! Plus, Women have a MUCH, much harder life than men. Women get pregnant, have periods, get breast cancer and a lot more. But what do men get? Boners and getting the girl pregnant. I mean come on!

    • Men have to work harder , protect her girl , take care of the family . And that question was true ... so speaking truth is never bad .

      Men can have STD's etc . Men have a MUCH MUCH harder life than women . Firstly they have to be confident and approach a girl , protect her , look after her well , buy her gifts etc ..

      I don't have a problem with these stuffs but I just wanted to prove that men have a harder life .

      My only point is why do women have an easier life ?

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