He has a slight lazy eye

I've been friends with this guy for 6 months but I recently noticed that he has a slight lazy eye. When he looks straight he's fine but when he looks to the side you can kinda see it. He's an amazing guy and is very good looking but this eye thing is preventing me from dating him. What should I do? I feel so guilty for being so shallow but how do I get over it? I know he likes me and I like him a lot too.


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  • Okay first of all... it's called a ptosis. It can be a precurser for severe medical problems and judging him based upon it is shallow and insensitive.

    I just had corrective surgery for a ptosis just last friday. Fortunately, after dozens of tests I was free from the diagnosis that I possibly had myasthenia gravis. A life threatening disease where a ptosis can be a early marker.

    I had an overstretched muscle. And let me tell you, the surgery is no walk in the park. The tension headaches and pain aside, it's people like you, and my own critically vain thoughts that lead to someone considering such a surgery.

    If it's such a massive flaw, don't date him. Good luck finding someone impeccably symmetrical.


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  • I have a slight lazy eye as well (more colorblind/worse vision in one eye). Not judging you. Just sayin haha.

    Its not as big of a deal as you make it.

    Just do it. Think about all the stuff that makes you like him. That should far outweight a little drift in eye focus.


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  • You just have to get past it. I am sure that you have flaws too (everyone does) and he looks past them. If he is a good person and you really like him then a stupid thing like that shouldn't matter.