Do you have any tattoos ? :-)

I have "loyalty" written on my wrist and a sexy lipstick kiss tattoo below my waist.Yes exactly where you think it is!:P

What about you? I would love to know:) if you have any. Also it would be interesting if you explain what they mean to you!


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  • yeah. I have barbed wire around my wrist, and one my friend designed on my arm- it's like a tribal thing with stars and music notes on it :P

    i gave myself the barbed wire one with a guitar string when I was like 16, but got it fixed at a real tattoo shop.

    The other one my friend Gia designed. I designed her one too, it was awesome.

  • I have "el grande hombre" on my upper arm. It means the "big man", I got it when I was at the playboy mansion. Just joking, I got it after I hit two game winners in my former basketball league.


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