Why are zombies always in dark clothing?

Someone had to die in a yellow and pink hawaiian shirt or big neon crocs right?

Could you imagine the horror of being attacked by the undead in a formal jumper,plaid mini skirt, or pimp suit.


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  • hahahaa

    • You know its true, the "real world" zombies are always beasts in sad clothes.

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    • Thank ya miss, personally I think the wodrobe designers do this to set unity and not have a friendly zombie in a hello kitty t-shirt that many a person could have been killed in.

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  • Their clothes don't appear bright because they are dirty. Besides, how many people actually wear big Hawaii shirts anyway?

    • No, I'm saying the colors themselves are always dark, never have I seen a zombie in a dirty yellow top or green for that matter.

    • Not many people would wear those colors period, it makes the zombies more indicative of the population.

    • Not even red?

  • cos zombies hate swag


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  • What zombie movies are you watching?! There are plenty movies where people die in colorful clothes. There are even zombie nuns. You just have to look.

    • yeah but when zombies attack people they are in gray or dark faded browns and blacks. The people you see dying are in normal colorful clothes so does the zombie virus also change your clothes?

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    • It depends on the movie. Dark colors usual tend to bring out dark feelings, like fear, while bright clolors are used for humor and bright tiding movies (Like ZombieLand)

    • Zombieland rocked but even the girl who attacked him had on a dark plum shirt, if I'm not mistaken.

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