What should I wear tomorrow?

My boyfriend and I are going on a date. We were thinking about going to get a bite to eat and watch a movie afterward. I always look crap every time we go out and he looks way better then me. I don't wanna over do it but I don't want to under do it either. I was thinking about wearing my hair straight tease it a little bit. For my clothes I'm not really sure.. It's about winter up here so it's pretty chilly. Maybe some jeans and some boots, moccasins, or Sperry's? And a shirt with a scarf? Or a long thick black shirt with skinny jeans? Ugggh, I'm not sure. Any ideas anyone? I would put up some links but you have to be level 4 and I'm only level 3..


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  • Oh ! If it's not super duper cold, then I recommend wearing a leather jacket, a scarf, and a tank top/shirt underneath. For the bottom, you can wear skinny jeans and maybe even leggings (tights if your tank top/shirt is long enough) with boots.

    If it's gonna be too cold for you to be just wearing a leather jacket then maybe you can wear a coat like this :O


    gl and hf :D !


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  • You can't see yourselves in the dark and even if you can, you're supposed to watch the screen.

    When you're stuffing your face, you shouldn't focus so much on what you're wearing.

    If he's going to judge you so harshly he's not for you. Otherwise, RELAX.

    Straight hair is HOT. Why not? It sounds like you really can't miss.

  • Just wear whatever you're comfortable with. You must feel OK first, no point going to dates if you're insecure.

    • I'm not insecure. He always tells me I look beautiful even when I don't. I just want to dress up. We've been dating for a long time, so I don't dress up often at all. I always look like crap, that's my kinda comfortable. Sweat pants, hair tied, chillin with no make up on.

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