Can you suggest some clothes that fits me or suits my body type?

OK my body is a pear shape I think and I want to know what suits me... just look on my photos and suggest some ...

cause I'm having a hard time choosing a clothes to wear in my everyday life..hahaha it always end up with jeans and a shirt...and I think I need some change



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  • You are pretty fit so you can get away with most styles.

    Pants should be fitting snug on the waist and have either a straight leg or a Marlene cut.

    Pears should always wear lighter colors on top, darker on bottom

    You can wear flirty dresses or ruffles on top

    Also layering is a cool look, here you wear skinny jeans with layering tops that reach just below the widest part of your hips. The last outher layer should be dark

    Hope you like ;-)

  • i think skirts should look good on u

    and leggings with tall shirts or big sweaters you know

  • im a pear shape, what works for me if a tigher, hip hugging jeans and a looser top. so tight on the bottom, loose on the top


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