My face is asymmetrical. I feel like Jekyll and Hyde. Seriously considering plastic surgery.

No idea what's happening. Not to long ago I would look in the mirror and think I was cute. Lately I've taken pictures of myself and I think I'm so ugly. It's ridiculous. Never in my life have I thought It was this bad. My face is asymmetrical I know that but it seems like it's getting even worse as time goes on. I'm scared to see it when I'm 20. I don't know what to do. Seriously considering plastic surgery. My sister just confirmed that indeed, my nose is crooked. I could have a nice body but that won't change anything. I'm on birth control I don't know if that's a cause. I have braces, I don't know if that is either. I honestly feel like jekyll and hyde... I don't know what to do.


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  • Everyone is worried about their appearance, especially at your age when everyone wants to look good and "fit in". Plastic surgery doesn't solve anything because the problem is in your head. We aren't all super models... we are who we are. Be proud of who you are and your quirks and your attitude alone will make you appear more attractive.

    • The problem isn't in my head though. It's on my face.

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    • He just messaged you out of the blue to tell you this? Across 3 days? The story doesn't make sense and even if that did happen you shouldn't let some internet troll ruin your life.

    • lol no. I asked a question about dating or something and he started saying it.

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  • Almost everyone in the world is asymmetrical. One side is usually slightly larger than the other side. It's likely that the only reason that you and your sister have even noticed that your nose is "crooked" is because you were looking for it. Birth control and braces wouldn't cause these types of facial changes though they may add to any insecurities you may have had making them SEEM amplified. I'm sure you're perfectly fine.

  • We all have flaws. Well, most of us.

    I have some pretty ridiculous flaws myself.

    Just know that you can't do anything about it, so don't fuss over it. When you get the money then go ahead and straighten that nose out if you feel you can't live with it.

    • You're a blue man in a sailor suit lol.

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  • you're under 18 so you're still not done growing yet. you're just going through normal changes

    • So when am I done growing then? so I'm 17. All of a sudden in 9 months I'll magically out of nowhere be done?

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