To read a girl......

A gentleman is read by his shoes, the cleaner the more likely.

But how do you read a girl, in any respect ?


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  • The first thing I notice that's a teltale about a girl is her facial expression, her hair style & upkeep, and do her clothes fit and match her body type/size. This is done in nanoseconds. lol! A perfect 10 = totally cool girl!


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  • Haven't you seen "A Bronx Tale"? lol, The Door Test! Lock the doors (lol, the funny thing is, this took place in a convertible car) and when you unlock her door to let her in, you see if she reaches over to unlock your door. If she does, she's definitely a keeper. Most likely, she's a sweetheart.

    • Wow !!!

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    • Lol, I know this is kinda funny, but I try to always look at how a person acts. I feel like I'm judging a book by it's cover by going by shoes/clothes. I feel like I can make a really good read on almost anyone once I find out what makes them compete (their drive), and what their pet peeves are, and how they relate themselves to what they talk about. When I get to know things like this, I'll start to develop a reading of a person I'll put my instincts behind.

    • I think that's the best thing anybody can do - well should do!

  • if her nail polish is chipped. yikes! that's like the old women with lipstick on their teeth uhg!


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  • In any respect - I'm thinking probably her nails! I mean think about it - if a girls nails are dirty - what do you momentarily assume? She is very dirty, she doesn't take care of herself and the list goes on about imperfections! But I'm also thinking - it depends what kind of nails she has on, can also cause how she is overall! There's a difference - really, really long nails make a girl look for some reason vulgar and uncanny and honestly in my opinion a woman with long nails just looks unattractive (no offense) but if she has normal size nails and you know with a nice french manicure - she looks sweet, innocent, nice! I at least think it's a girls nails unless it has something to do with clothes?!

  • The more likely what?----sounds mean if I leave this all by itself, but I reassure you it isn't! lol, I'm just interested

    • Cleaner the shoes closer he is to being a gentleman !

    • Oh really? That's sweet