Girls who don't wear makeup?

I'm going to hang out with my kinda crush/guy-friend. We haven't seen each other in a while. [About 3 months?] He's always told me I was cute, and I've always worn a little makeup. Mascara & black eyeliner on my lip. My makeup was noticeable, but not overpowering.

I've quit wearing makeup lately. I just feel being natural's more my style. I still wear a teeny bit of mascara, but nothing fake looking.

Guys: What would think and/or feel if your your chick friend didn't wear makeup?


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  • Guys often can't tell if you're wearing makeup or not. The trick is to wear makeup in such a way that you don't look like you're wearing any - that's when you know you're doing it right.


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  • sure. lol... xD. natural is good. not to say don't wear makeup- just don't over do it.


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  • Lol why do you care? If you feel like no makeup suits you better than you should stick to that instead of trying to change to impress a guy. Chances are if he likes you for you then he won't walk away from you because of it. Also, black eyeliner on your lip? lol

  • Girls who don't wear makeup usually look plainer than they would without a little makeup. Unless you are beautiful with a great bone structure and have great skin complexion every woman should wear a little something at least to look cuter. If you have noticeable flaws in your appearance then it looks best if you do wear makeup. There is no shame in making an effort with your appearance and wearing makeup. You don't get more points for being natural, you get more points for looking prettiest

    • Thanks. (: I'll go with a little concealer for under my eyes & some mascara. Thanks much!

  • 1) Black eyeliner on your lip=ew. sorry.

    Anyhow, if he really liked you he wouldn't care. He may not even notice.

    Guys don't care if you don't wear makeup...though if a girl wears none and looks plain, pale, and washed out in comparison to the girls who do wear some makeup, well guess who he is probably going to find more attractive.

    • I didn't mean lip.. Haha.. I meant, 'lower lid'. Like.. eye lid? xD

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