Belly button piercings - guys do you like it and girls who have them need some advice?

Hi, I'm just wondering about belly button piercings.

Do you know if your skin kind of stretches at all with the ring in? I really like my belly button ha ha, but have kind of always wanted to get it pierced cause I think it's cute. However, if I decided to take it out, I don't want to be stuck with stretched skin or huge holes.

Can the skin stretch and if you've taken it out and left it, do you have huge holes or scars from it?

And what kind of rings/bars can you get? Send links if you can find some. I ride horses, so I don't want something big that could catch on the saddle when I'm putting it on my horse and if I wear a tight shirt, is there some small bar or ring that lays pretty flat so you don't see it?


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  • If you take it out, it'll close up over time. I used to have my belly pierced & one piece of advice I can give you is to be very careful of how you take care of it (take care of it very gently & use mild products like saltwater, etc.). & also not to wear heavy jewelry or danglies 24/7, & don't sleep in heavy jewelry or danglies. My belly wasn't healing correctly because I was using harsh products on it & it ended up rejecting because I constantly wore & slept in danglies.

    • About strecthed skin, when my piercing ripped out, I had two little nubs of skin that I had to let shrink & they did. I wouldn't worry so much about stretching unless it is actually rejecting or you're always wearing heavy jewelry.

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    • Ehh I don't think flat rings are too common. You might can find a ring with really small balls (lolz). Don't worry so much about it getting caught, worry more about accidentally hitting hit, but yeah still be careful. I honestly don't think you can help it if they do see the piercing bump, but then again, most people won't be paying much attention if you have on a shirt.

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