What are some really nice watch designs for men?

I'm planning to buy a good watch this holiday, but I can't seem to find something right for me. I'm interested in only buying something in my area..not any online stuff . Also I would like it if you post some pics of the watch designs you think are awesome. Also please not looking for any concept designs , just a good silver one or a digital one.


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  • I like fossil


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  • Love my Hamilton


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  • Price range? I know guys who scoff at sub 15k. Me, I've got a 100$ watch on a custom band.

    Its a little confusing to me when you say 'silver or digital'. Digital watches are ... not 'a good watch' .. They're a novelty, apart from g-shocks and stuff (well to me still novelty). what's your general style?

    • well I love silver ..but I crave digital. I can't decide which .

      Also G-Shock definitely a awesome range.

      Price range would be from 10$ to 40$ . Any help would be appreciated.

    • Don't know digital stuff at all. If you can hit 50ish, you can get russian made hand wound military watches, if you can hit 70, you can get workhorse seiko v's shipped from asia. I'd probably do that if I were your age.

  • Really it’s looking stylish, but Nomos mens watches are the most popular fads at the moment. Recently i ordered a pair of mens rose gold watch from J. Ciro Designs. These watches are looking beautiful and too comfort to wearing.


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