Looking to buy wife tighter jeans?

My wife is pretty short. She is 4'10'' and has a hard time finding jeans that fight her. So where would she go to find jeans that are tighter. She has looked in jr's and misses but has a hard time finding one that go over her butt. Any ideas would be great thanks.


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  • American Eagle makes jeans going from 00. I'm 5'0" and that's where I get all mine from. Also, depending on where you live, there's a store called Garage that makes jeans in really small sizes as well.

    • We were just at the mall and seen that store. Might check that out then thanks.

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  • Well what is her body shape like? Does she have a big butt or tiny butt? Big waist or tiny waist?

    If she's super small they make 00s, 0s, and 1s. I'm just an inch taller then your wife and wear a size 1.if the issue is she's too skinny go to a bigger city and take her shopping they've usually got better selections

    • It's not really a big butt but more big then small. Kinda a bigger waist. We did go to the city too.

  • *Glo jeans by Jennifer Lopez are good and affordable

    *Angels Jeans

    *Hydraulic Jeans

    *Amethyst Jeans

    You should definitely try these out, I get them at outlet stores but you can google to see what stores around you that have these jeans.

  • Her jeans fight her? Wow!

  • my daughter is tiny as well. The usual like Hollister/Abercrombie/Aeropostle and American Eagle have jeans she can wear usually the smallest size...a 00short.

    also I find sometimes that youth sizes in name brand jeans (Levi's/Abercrombie Kids) will fit her better and actually look better because they're tighter. So a 00 in women's would be like a 12 or 14 in youth sizes and they'd be short AND more fitted. Added bonus they're also cheaper LOL

  • I like American Eagle jeans in short sizes, but I am 5"1 and some of theirs are even a bit long on me. Try their Jeggings in a short size, they are ankle so may be a better fit.

    In general, try looking for angle jeggings with a short inseam. Ankle jeans may be a better fit, if they are a few inches long they won't be as obvious plus all ankle jeans are cut shorter.


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