Am I really a grenade?

when I walk with my friend sometimes hot guys say grenade alert or pretend to blow a grenade whistel or say to go on a diet. nut when I am alone I get honked at a stared at a lot when I am alone. my friend is cubbier then me and does it mean I am a grenade or my friend. I'm a cheerleader and I workout a lot but I'm still alittle chunky but nnot alot. any advice for what to do to improve myself so they don't say it anymore?


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  • Just so you understand the term, a "grenade" is the "least attractive" of two or more girls in a group. The metaphore being that one guy will sacrifice himself by "jumping on the grenade" to "save" the other guys from having to be with the less attractive girl, or to get the less attractive "cock-blocker" girl away from the hot one.

    Having said that, it's a juvenile, hurtful phrase that only insecure, immature guys will ever use.


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  • They are just being stupid little boys.


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  • whether they're saying it to you or not, why would you want to change just for them?

    they're just immature guys who watch a stupid pointless show and don't have any respect at all so it's really not worth your time to change something just for them.

    It doesn't really seem like you think they're even saying to you, it seems like you think they're talking about your friend, since you clearly stated that when you're alone you get a lot of positive attention.


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