Charming Colombian guy interested in me, should I date him?

There is this guy I have been talking to for the past few weeks. I came across him off of an online social network site. I knew him from a couple years ago, we use to talk and text ALL the time. But things happened and I lost touch with him and so I came across him off of this site out of sheer chance or luck I guess?

But anyway he immediately remembered me. We started back talking like we use to text through out the whole day and talk on the phone at night. He's shown a lot of interest in me. We hung out last Tuesday and was talking he kept saying that he's glad we met and everything. We clicked so well, I didn't feel any pressure and felt so comfortable around him. He is quite handsome, and stays in shape.

I have a thing for exotic men and well I am definitely attracted to him.

The thing is he's short...I'm already on the short side myself I'm 5'4 and he is shorter than that. Like maybe 2 or 3 inches shorter than I am. I don't know if I want to date him or not because of this. He's really sweet though and has been very respectful towards me. He hasn't done or said anything suggestive towards me. So I know he values my friendship. Am I just being shallow and need to just give the guy a try? I know he wants something more cause he is always trying to find an excuse to see me/hang out with me. He has also invited me to go running with him/be his running partner since he does not have one.

So should I date him?


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  • Sure. Height is only a number.


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