How to accept physical aspects of you that you don't like? & own/like yourself they way you are.

there are certain aspects of myself that I don't really like and often when I see photos I am overly critical of them in my head. I guess most people to an extent have this but how can I accept them as a part ME instead of wishing that certain traits were different. it sounds really shallow, vain and insecure - and to an extent that's true - but I just want to like myself for all my uniqueness instead of wishing to be different. in reality I should be lucky that I look normal and am even told I am attractive according to some, but still I tend to have a bit of a distorted self-image which clearly comes from esteem issues, but does anyone know how to snap out of this unhealthy and superficial mindset?

(BTW I'm not overweight/underweight, so the whole improve yourself by going to the gym would not a solution)


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  • Read "Cybernetics". It directly addresses your issue.


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