Daft question about hair?

I wonder if its possible to make hair lighter and give them much more shine naturally - without bleaching, sun-in and all of the common chemicals. and also How to prevent hair to get darker with age.


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  • Hair gets darker with age...period.

    If you like, lemon juice will help you hold on to natural highlights (and smells nice).

    • But don't forget lemon juice washes off the color. Like if you dye your hair black and out lemon on it, it's going to get washed off in a sec

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    • and isn't it dangerous? can I do it once a week?

    • Lemon juice is a natural product. You can even use it a little before every shower.

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  • Like DishLady below, I have heard about girls using lemon juice. Not sure if it works or not but you can probably read about it on the Internet.

    P.S. Just got back from Bratislava. Nice place!

    • yes, but I don't believe everything I read on google. hope you had nice time here

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