How come I always see women shopping for clothes in the men's section of the store?

Are all these women so altruistic that they feel the need to constantly supply all the men in their lives presents, or are they just dating bummy dudes that would dress in a barrel and suspenders if they didn't have a woman in their life to dress them?

I never see dudes shopping in the woman's section of the clothing store buying their girlfriends anything, so I was just wondering.


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  • it's a trend these days to wear men clothes and sex it up a bit. like a lot of girls wear guy shirts opened with the sleeves rolled up or as a dress, or own a 'boyfriend blazer'... I personally love men crewcut sweaters

    • But men have such basic styles while females have a huge variety of clothing styles.

    • i guess fashion's always on the move, and to be a step further along, people need to be more and more inventive, even if it means wearing guy clothes. just look at the latest fashion trends and collections, they are more and more androgynous looking

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  • lol some guys can't dress or would wear the same stuff over and over if their wife or girlfriend didn't buy them new clothes.

    • "...or would wear the same stuff over and over..."

      You say that like it's a bad thing.

  • Some guys just can't dress themselves well enough


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