Do you need to be really good at applying makeup to enter beauty school?

i'm interested in becoming a makeup artist. I put makeup on but compared to many girls, I look pretty plain. I do mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, foundation, everything. but its still not like 'professional looking' like many other girls. can I just go in like being a novice?

oh another thing. I could get into one of those trade schools like marinello here in california cause they accept financial aid. BUT they always get bad reviews and their tuition costs a lot.

ot should I try going to the napoleon perdis school in hollywood? they don't accept financial aid but they get really good reviews and have been featured in elle magazine. their tuition costs wayyyyy less than marinello.

help? :)


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  • If you are a professional makeup artist already, why would you get into school then? You just need one thing...passion :)

    • Don't you need an actual license to do that professionally though? :-\ *is ignorant about this stuff*

    • I meant she doesn't need to be a professional to join beauty school. She will learn at school. All what she needs is passion and love for the profession.

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  • I'm pretty sure they can teach you tricks but you should be creative with it and try new things out. Practice as much as you can, try new things. I would go with the school that you can afford. If you can pay for the better school and not be too much in debt then go for it. Research them more and meet with counselors at both of them to get a better feel of the schools.

  • It's school is it not? you learn there

    I would imagine basic stuff, but I'm sure they would go over everything you need to know regardless.

  • Well it's a beauty SCHOOL, you're there to learn!


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