Can extended eye contact mean just being friendly?

Is that possible, they are just a friendly person? Or no? If you have extended eye contact it is because they like you and there is no being just friendly.

What if guy also a few times has looked at you than looked down quickly and than looked back up at you while talking to you. Is that the same thing? They are interested ? Or no


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  • Extended eye contact is not just friendly interest. It's more than that, and often much more. Think yourself. Would you stare into a guy's eyes if it was just a friendly gesture or only if you were infatuated with him? The same goes when they look at you that way.

    • What if the guy always gives you extended eye contact but then gets a girlfriend? and still does it even when he's with her?

    • He prob feels something for you

    • I agree with kisses00. A person just doesn't give extended eye contact for no reason. That wouldn't be normal. There's always a specific reason why a person does things, especially when they're not normal. Always!

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  • ABSOLUTELY it can just be a friendly thing.


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  • Both. Some guys will look at you for a while cause they like you as a friend while others will do so because they are into you. It's too vague to really know. If you like him why not ask him to go to lunch with you sometimes or something.

  • eye contact= interest

    • Are you telling me there is no just being friendly? People are not like that, just being friendly?

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    • Everyone one else most you look up say hi and than look away. Not like that with this guy. We both from the time till he is out of my and his line of sight we are looking at each other. While he is walking to his place

    • Sounds like he's interested! you can see if anything else he does hints that he is interested so you have more concrete evidence too. but if his eyes are glued to you he is definitely focused on and interested in you.