How much do men care about the body?

I am a pretty girl with a pretty face but my body's not exactly perfect. I have a small belly which I try to cover up... and I have decent legs and small arms and I have a chest and hips... but I dress so I cover it up. So I dress very conservatively... would I still be considered attractive even though I'm not "skinny"...?


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  • Sure I don't see why not. There are way too many girls who think that you need to be thin to be attractive, and that's simply not true. Beauty is subjective. It something a person decides for themselves. So to some guys you might not be what they're looking for, and to others, you're exactly what they want. I am dating a girl who I think is a total babe. She's got a nice body, and in places she's got a few extra pounds but to me I think she looks perfect.

    Look, sexy isn't about being thin. It's about attitude. It's about confidence. If you can see the things in your body that you think look good, then flaunt it. Love it. Walk around with pride and confidence that you are what you are, and you look good, even if you don't look like some Victoria's Secret model or something. Just love who you are and what you look like. Don't let anyone else tell you how to look or dress. Don't be ashamed of what you are or what kind of body you have. Love it and wear what you wanna wear. Don't cover it up, because you think other people want you to.

    I hope you can understand this. I hope you can feel better about how you look.

    Good luck with this.


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  • Depends on the preferences of the guy. I'm in good shape myself so I prefer girls who are in equally as good shape though I can appreciate the beauty in girls who aren't "skinny" per se and would consider dating them. Although, when it gets to the point of obese, I'm almost entirely unattracted to them.

  • When it comes to girls' bodies, I'm an omnivore. It's all about finding your own good points and improving on those, not on the ones you might think society think of as good points. And I'm not against people wanting to improve on their bodies to be more attractive, as long as it doesn't force them to adapt in a way that goes against their natural and personal beuty.


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  • I don't think skinny is that attractive. I think curves are most beautiful and guys like them the best too, as long as you aren't overweight.


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