Was that too bold?

okay here's the scenario, me and a friend at starbucks a cute guy walks in he catches my eye as soon as he walks in, I tell me friend he's cute and somehow he becomes the center of my talk and how he looks so cute and looks like the kinda guy I would go for, so my friend gets me a napkin and writes hey, I think your cute here's my # and wrote my number and she told me to give it to him on our way out, but I chicken out so she takes and tell him hers my friend's # and we leave, that was like an hour ago so he hasn't called or texted

like I'm not worried about that, but was that too bold for a guy?

oh btw what are the chances that he's gonna contact me? and around when?do guys wait a while or what?


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  • i agree with VAG. although he might still get intouch. did you even smile or make eye contact with him?

    • Yea I was looking from a 3 fts distance when my friend gave it to him

    • I wouldn't wait around for him to call. as a guy I hate the time limit on phone calls. I mean what if he is in a bad relationship and doesn't know how to get out,but allhe can think about for the next month is the girl from the coffee shop? maybe he'll contact you then, but don't wait for it.

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  • I think since it was the friend who brought it over, he might not think they were really your own intentions. If you had went yourself he might get in touch.


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  • Haha once I did this with a friend at a gym (my friend was interested) and he texted her at exactly 8 pm as I predicted...he may try to do it tonight because he doesn't want to seem desperate. You took a chance and I applaud you for it, but don't worry if he doesn't contact you.

    • Im not really like I usually happen to meet nice guys who are just my type and exchange phone #s and all, like its not a biggie if nothing happens kno what I mean ...

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