Piercing your own ear?

I had a piercing in my earlobe and I didn't wear any earring in it for months. I can get an earring in part way. if I push hard enough will I get it in and fully reopen the hole?


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  • I did that and it worked. I got a second piercing on both ear lobes and it closed up right in the center so i could put an earing tip in to a certain extent from both the front and back of my ear. I just grabbed a pair of hypo allergenic studs, poked slowly push it through. It probably took me 2 hours and there was quite a bit of blood, I didn't bother to numb myself so the pain wasn't too bad!


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  • yes you can. Just take a hot shower before hand to make it easier to push the earing in

    • So I did that last night. First I also did it through the back of my ear to open it up more. I was able to get the earring in but it hurt and felt tight so I removed it. If I do that again and keep it in will the piercing expand and loosen up again?

    • yea. spin it when pushing it through, that's how I get my tapers in. But if that doesn't work you can get them peirced again.

  • It'll fully reopen but it'll hurt like shit if you can't handle pain


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