Need advice from someone who knows about clothing that helps you to stay cooler?

I do a lot of sport and I'm looking for something that will be good at keeping me cool during heavy exercise? I don't know much about base layers and thermal clothing but I know they help you stay warm during winters but how good are they when you want to keep cool. Can someone give me good recommendations?

Right now I am looking at this link and this link I can't decide which of the two will be better or if anyone has any other ideas. If you know one that I can order from IN THE UK! thanks!

Oh and just to add, I do a lot of martial arts so there is a lot of indoor training if that makes a difference
What is a base layer? like in the links are they thermal or under armour or actually something else? can you reccommend one too if possible
I will probably be buying a black one but does color actually make a difference in terms of attracting heat if I am wearing it underneath a top? If you have a recommendation it would be appreciated and BA what about this? link

if you can use another website or a good value one on amazon it would be appreciated


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  • Either of them would work. Personally it depends on what I'm doing. If I know I'm going to sweat a lot and get hot (intense workout) then I'll just stick to a long sleeved shirt. But that's not too healthy since you can get sick a lot quicker. Under armor usually works for all athletes.

    • Could you reccommend one of the two? is under armour the same as thermal. I'v been looking for ages and all of them seem to say in their descriptions that they help you keep warm... which isn't what I'm looking for. I plan to wash them after each use but I want something that will keep me cool after a lot of excersize

    • They both keep you warm. Under armor is what football players wear. Thermal is pretty much the same thing except it can look different. I think under armor is your best bet since its used in all kinds of weather.

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  • In the winter wear synthetic and just shed layers when you get too warm so you don't sweat too much. Cotton gets very uncomfortable because it keeps the sweat on you so always avoid it except when its hot out. make you're bottom layer something synthetic like under armor than wear a nylon or preferably breathable jacket if needed. I know this from long distance biking and sailing in the cold trust me. bottom line is cotton allows sweat to evaporate off you which takes extra heat energy from evaporation, review phase changes in chemistry if needed. Synthetics wick sweat away from your skin before it evaporates so you don't feel that icy cold wet feeling, it also prevents chaffing which is no fun especially in the groin area.

    • When its cold like around freezing temp Ill wear a long sleeve under armor sh*t and nylon pants. Ill start with a wind breaker then take it off after I'm warmed up. don't forget some gloves and synthetic socks, if you wear cotton your feet will always be cold and wet which is the worst. Wet cotton socks also promote blisters trust me I know. This is especially important when hiking. Wear a face mask if it's super cold and the cold air hurts your face.

  • under armor works well for me

    • is under armour the best, is that different then thermal? I keep looking for sport wear that is best for cooling and all of them in the description describe them as helping to keep you warm... I'v heard one does both but I'm not sure.

    • Under Armor is made of very breathable material which lets air through and doesn't trap as much heat in.

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