I don't want to cause a fight between me and him about what my family said.

okay so I meet my boyfriend about 3 years ago.well when we first met I was very outgoing loved to be with family and friends,always dressed nice.i did my makeup everyday loved doing my hair basically made myself look good no matter what I was doing that day.so my problem is my family says I have changed and they think its because of my boyfriend.he doesn't like me to go out much hates when I wear makeup unless its light wear it just lip gloss and mascara.they also say I don't text or call them as much as I used too.and they said that I gained weight which isn't me.since then I have been very depressed about my image.i try to tell my boyfriend that I want to be myself again.i want to feel good about my image like I did when we first met.i don't feel like his into me and with my family I feel like they are upset with me because I'm not acting like myself.im not blaming my boyfriend.i know some guys don't like girls wearing a lot of makeup but I kinda feel like I'm letting myself go cause he likes me looking different then what I'm used too.so how do I fix it?i don't want to cause a fight between me and him about what my family said.


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  • I honestly don't know =/ Figure out which is better for you, wether its dressing up or not dressing up, independant of both family and boyfriend, and go for it, independant of what the other thinks.

    • see I love clothes I love being a girl.but I just don't know how to deal with both sides my boyfriend hates my family and my family hates him so ugh I'm so depressed and confused

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    • i feel like my family is trying to push me away from my boyfriend and trying to make me feel lie I'm not being myself when I try but its kinda like I do have own life...its so confusing lol

    • Well, I don't know them well enough but that sounds right, families do that a lottt with their childrens partners, especially about stuff like this. Seems like your boyfriend and your family are both pulling something, though =/

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  • You can't change your family, but you can always change your boyfriend.


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