Girls, guys, would you date a person with physical or visual flaws?

Would you date someone who had a missing tooth or missing teeth?
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  • This isn't really a yes or no question. So I would say it depends. I did date a guy once that was missing some front teeth and he ended up getting a partial cause I talked him into it. Easy fix.


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  • I will not lie. I am a picky bitch.

    No teeth? Gtfo.

    Sorry to sound like myself here...but lets be honest...I can't tolerate no teeth...nice smiles make a guy who is a 5 look like an 8 to me...

    Without sexy teeth...I don't know if I can makeout without being grossed out...

    • If somebody had missing teeth you wouldn't give them a chance they don't bite :D How about if they had one missing tooth?

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    • You forgot accidents and poisons.

    • yeah..that too.

      But either way..they will have to go to the dentist and fix it...teeth are a big thing for me.

  • no, teeth are kind of a really big deal for me

    • What about spotty missing teeth or a tooth?

  • No, I wouldn't, unless they told me they had just been in a car accident or one of their dental implants had to be changed out.

    Someone who was purposely not taking care of their missing teeth would not be attractive to me.

    • But missing teeth isn't always missing due to neglect or accidents. There's also auto immune diseases that cause teeth to destroy.

    • Sorry, but if their teeth were missing the front I would not be attracted. Not that I would not like them as a friend, but I don't see any physical spark forming. For instance, I am attracted to fit men. I am not attracted to overweight men and even if they had a disease that impacted their weight, I just could not get turned on by them.

      Regardless of the reason for your teeth missing, can't you get them fixed?

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