What is your definition for...Adorable/Cute/Pretty/Hot/Beautiful?

This is what they mean in my opinion...

a) Adorable - Small, baby like, cute in a little kid way

b)Cute - A step up from adorable

c)Pretty - Good looking face with good hair

d)Hot - Great body/hair/face - more about body

e)Beautiful - Great everything/personality included...

What are your definitions?


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  • I like to use pretty, only if its for a girl I like and she doesn't know I like her. If I tell her and compliment that she's pretty I'll say it, if I'm dating the girl, I'll say she looks beautiful cause to me, beautiful means more than perfect. cause beautiful for me = Best personality. Best love. Best girl.


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  • Cute - a word used to describe only babies and small furry animals. If you're an adult and I call you cute, that's a bad thing =P

    Adorable - personality traits that make me go "awww"

    Pretty - Aesthetically pleasing facial features

    Hot - Has sex appeal

    Beautiful - a level of pleasing that is touching emotionally

  • cute/pretty/adorable fall in the same category

    hot,sexy is the one which you wanna sleep with without a second thought

    beautiful is someone who has a very good looking face irrespective of the personality


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